Ceiling fans can provide substantial savings on energy.
Consume about the same electricity as a 60-Watt light bulb, you can run one for just pennies a day. In mild weather, ceiling fans offer a low-cost alternative to air conditioning; while used in conjunction with air conditioning in hot weather, ceiling fans can help keep your environment comfortably and utility bills low.


In 1989
Vento leading the industry to introduce the world's first 188mm motor. In the same year, it took the lead in aluminum heat dissipation, longer life and light-weight to replace of mild steel, to manufacture the motor casing.

In 1997s
the Spira series launched, with the first of curved blades created which is the eternal classic fan design from PAN AIR ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.

In 2003
the Fiore series was launched into the market, which spread the fan blades by centrifugal force, shocking the fan industry of the world.

In 2006

the Sole series with automatic retractable patented blade structure was introduced to subvert the imagination of everyone on the ceiling fan.

In 2009
the world's first Uragano series with no blade holders of which fasten the blades to the motor casing directly, full-curved blades without straight lines, created the highest wind-volume ceiling fan in the industry at that time.


With our R&D and ongoing advancement engineering team that working everyday - develop better fans, aiming ourselves for leading player not just in functional, appearance, energy saving, safety but lives harmony in your place.