Product Specification

◆ Dimension : 52”, W1320 X H650mm
◆ Standard Downrod Length : 26cm
◆ Speed and Light Kit : By Remote Control
◆ Power : 220V / 50Hz
◆ Motor : Ø147 X 24mm , Brushless DC Motor
◆ Light Kit : LED Module 10W 167~16.9 LUX
◆ Coverage : 180 - 288 ft²
◆ Net Weight : 9.4kg

Speed and Material

◆ Air Delivery :
High 6373 CF/M
Medium 5780 CF/M
Low 3847 CF/M
Slow 1554 CF/M

◆ Housing Color : White

◆ Blade Material : Four Plastic (PC) Blades

◆ Blade Color : Red / Black / Mahogany

DC MOTOR : Low power consumption , save energy !

Although higher cost of adapting DC motor in our fan -
only 1/3 to 1/4 of the power consumption compare to traditional AC motor type ceiling fan; benefit goes to end user and our environment on saving electricity expense / energy in long run.

Change brightness and colour temperature at a touch of finger tip !

LED light kit featured :

• more even light distribution,
• higher lumen output,
• energy saving,
• colour temperature tuning - warm white to cool day light.

Front and Side View
1. All Vento Ceiling fans are purchased from Hong Kong Authorized Retailer covered warranty service .
2. The warranty service includes 2 years of motor and 1 year of other components , measured from the date of purchased.
3. What is not covered by warranty :
  • Remote control , glass shade, fan blade and lighting equipment.
  • Damages caused by improper use or installation and not caused by a fault in the fan materials or workmanship.
  • Ceiling fans that are not installed by qualified / licensed electricians.
4. Keep this warranty card well, we shall not re-issued replacement.

* New customer will get an extra 3 months warranty when finish registation on our website .
* This warranty registration is valid in HONG KONG and MACAU region only.

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General Maintenance:

1. Before cleansing, please turn off the power.
2. After using the ceiling fan for a period of time, tighten all screws with a screwdriver.
3. Use a dry cloth to remove dust from the blade.
4. Please do not press the blade to avoid deformation of fan structure.
5. Appropriately add lubricating oil to drive the motor.



List Price : $8,300.-

Need installation ?
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List Price : $8,300.-

Need installation ?
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List Price : $8,300.-

Need installation ?
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Terms of sales and Conditions for Online Sale :

1. The above price is not include with Delivery and Installation fee* , and other additional fees if required**.
2. This website is only available sale for Hong Kong and Macau.
3. All products sales through this website will be opereated by Daiwa International Corporation Limited.
4. Customer who needs installation service , please leave "need installation" or " no installation" in the specific blank.
   Customer will receive our calls for delivery/installation issue within few days after order is confirmed.
5. For any enquiry, please contact our customer hotline : (852) 26689326.
6. For Macau delivery, please contact our customer service .
7. In case of any disputes, Daiwa International Corporation Limited reserves the right of final decision.

* Delivery and Installation are not includes the following area : Outlying island or the area where is required a closed area permit, the relvant extra fee to be discussed.

** Additional fees include the following :
• High ceiling on or over 9 feet : HK$50 / each lamp
• Remove ceiling fan : HK$100 / each fan
• Remove complex luminaire : HK$50+ / each fan
• Without power point, surface mount electric wires , it is required for a site visit to quote the price.
  If the environment where to be installed is compatible with any of the above, please contact us for enquiry. in advance.