• Aluminum die-casting motor case, proceeded by a computerized precision CNC machining center to assure accurate tolerance and avoid noise from mechanical operation.

• Totally sealed, permanently lubricated, maintenance free double bearings for smooth and ever-lasting running.

• H60 silicon steel sheet lamination with technically designed winding slots, to obtain a more concentrated magnetic field and less power consumption motor.

• Automatic winding and slot wedge film inserting, pre-heated, thoroughly dipped, oven baked varnishing process plus 100% unit high impact test to avoid electricity leakage and humidity.

• Delicate molding on blade holder for the consideration of endurance of hanging loading.

• Easy mounting, ball & socket hanging system, specially designed for vaulted ceiling up to 45° also available.

• High quality and lasting of plating & painting finish. Salt spray test for Anit-Rust assurance.

• Wide selection of blade, with reversible motor rotation option, color & finishing.

• Pull chain or remote control of speed, forward & reverse switch for all seasons air movement. • Light adaptable, wide variety of light kits and shade.


• "Anti-wobble" hanger assembly provides max.verticality at any ceiling up to a 45° incline angle.

• Precision aluminum die-casting motor case provides better thermal conduction resulted lower temperature and long life-span.

• Hot-dip varnishing process for 2-1/2 hours, pre-heats the stator to ensure easy penetration and evenly insulated the stator thus prolong fan motor life.

• 100% high voltage puncture test for max. safety.

• Stator made by silicon steel. Lamination designed by even magnetic field to ensure no wobbing and quiet rotation.

• Permanent sealed and lubricated bearings provide noiseless & longer life,maintenance free operation.